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Office Manager


Bachelors Degree in Spanish Mastery level 


 Specialize in Customer Relations


 Provide clients with consultations


 scheduling hearings and Mediations,Inform clients of case status


       Assuring clients Satisfaction at the highest level


       Translating documents and interpreting for clients and attorneys


Se Habla Espanol 

Phone: 817-717-3538

Email: Lidia@Lizriveralaw.com


"May you have the wisdom to find your purpose and the courage to make a difference"




Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies


HR Payroll -Accounting 


Real Estate,


Civil Litigation,




Ajudicated Parentage,Social Security- Personal injury


Immigration,Wills-Small Estates- Trusts,


Se Habla Espanol 


Email: Maggie@lizriveralaw.com


Phone/text: 682-365-4003

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